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“Project Peace Lights (PPL) is an organization dedicated to accelerating the rollout of Peace Education globally, initially in the African Union.  This involves working to coordinate and facilitate a professionally run Pan-African Curriculum Development Working Group to define and develop primary and secondary curricula, and to manage an outreach process to involve citizens down to the local tribal level

We realized that to be successful in accelerating the timeline for rolling out peace education in the African Union, we must have five things:

1)    A professionally managed and effective Curriculum Development Working Group made up of representatives from all 55 nations.  [Learn More] 

2)    A program of outreach and engagement down to the tribal level for input and involvement.  [Learn More]

3)    Support and endorsements from Ministers of Education, political figures, education professionals, and other individuals.  

4)    Strong partnerships in both the Diaspora and in the Continental AU, and in fields related to peace education.  [View Our Growing List Of Partners] 

5)    Financial support to manage the program.  [DONATE]


Help us learn more about you and your organization and how we might partner to achieve our goals in these areas.  If you think there is a different or unique category of partnership to explore, please include this in the comments section of the information page.  We will respond.  


Examples are: logistics support in a country, printing, setting up and coordinating meetings with tribes through women’s and chidren’s coordinators, travel logistics, interpreter services, contacts with potential sponsors or interested celebrities/endorsers, Fundraising, etc.


Since we know that partnering with a large number of groups and organizations around the world will be important to the success of our efforts, we welcome you and look forward to sharing this journey to accelerate the definition, curriculum development, and roll-out of peace education worldwide, initially in the African Union.


If you think you or your organization can help, please let us know below.


Thank you!